• Portable 12 Volt Car Jump-Starter / Multifunction Power Bank Charging Kit - 8800mAh

Portable 12 Volt Car Jump-Starter / Multifunction Power Bank Charging Kit - 8800mAh

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Are you a frequent traveler, commuter, or even a car owner? Do you often find yourself using your laptop or tablet (or any other device for that matter) with no power outlets nearby? Never be without power again - whether it is your phone, laptop or even a drained car battery - with the Portable 12V Car Jump-Starter / Multifunction Power Bank Charging Kit. This powerful 8800mAh jump starter is lightweight, compact and portable without losing performance ability and also powers up your electronic devices quickly and efficiently. Store it in your vehicle's glove compartment or stick it your jeans' pocket while you're out and about! Included in this charging kit are all the handy adapters and cables you'll need to keep all your devices powered up, as well as jump starting your car or motorcycle should you need to. Never leave your house without it. Phone Compatibility: iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPod Classic 120 GB, iPod Classic 160 GB, iPod Classic 80 GB, iPod Nano 6th Generation, iPod Nano 5th Generation, iPod Nano 4th Generation, iPod Shuffle 4th Generation, iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 (ATT), iPhone 4 (Verizon), iPhone 4S (Sprint), iPhone 4S (Verizon), iPhone 4S (ATT), iPod Nano 3rd Generation, iPod Nano 2nd Generation, iPod Nano 1st Generation, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch, iPod 5th Generation, iPhone 4 (Sprint),iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPod Nano 7th Generation, iPod Touch (5th Generation), iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2,MeMo Pad Smart 10,F160, Storm 2 9520, Storm 9500, Pearl Flip 8220, Curve Javelin 8900, Bold 9700, Curve 8520, Torch 9800, Curve 8530, Storm 9530, Tour 9630, Bold 9650, 9550 Storm 2, 8230 Pearl Flip, Bold 9780, Curve 3G, 9670 Style, Pearl 9100, 3G, Pearl 3G Talk 9105, 9330 Curve 3G, Bold 4G 9900, 9850 Torch, 9930 Bold, Torch 9810, Curve 9360, Bold 4G 9900, Torch 9860, 9350 Curve, 9370 Curve, Curve 9380, 9790 Bold, Curve 9220, Curve 9310, Curve 9320, Z10, Curve 9315, Q10,7100t, 7100r,
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