• Kranzle 9800444 Therm 1165-440 Hot Water 2400 PSI 5.0 GPM 440V 17A 3PH Pressure Washer

Kranzle 9800444 Therm 1165-440 Hot Water 2400 PSI 5.0 GPM 440V 17A 3PH Pressure Washer

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Brand Kr nzle

The Therm 1165TST440 hot water electric pressure washer producing 2400 PSI at 5.0 GPM is for industrial and commercial use; perfect for the professional who cleans within a factory or food processing plant for use in vehicle wash bay or on a farm or at rental store to clean equipment returning from rental. The most effective cleaning comes from high pressure water heat and detergent applied all at the same time. The 440V three phase Therm 1165TST440 is designed to deliver this powerful cleaning combination. Equipped with the Industrial Dirt Killer turbo nozzle that provides greatest possible cleaning impact from a pressure washer high pressure soap and digitally controlled heated water the Therm is the ultimate cleaning machine. What distinguishes this Kranzle unit from the competition are the unique capabilities of the Kranzle pump and the uncompromising German quality. The Kranzle pump can run dry and bypass longer than its rivals as proven in independent laboratory tests making it more durable and reliable than the competition. The Therm 1165TST440 designed for daily use is equipped with a Kranzle AQ industrial grade pump and is powered by a Kranzle 440 volt 17 amp three phase TEFC electric motor. Special features include auto on/off gun-jet control with 30 second delay combined with a safety shut-down after 20 minutes that prevents accidents and a unique high pressure soap design that delivers 20 percent more cleaning power at tip. The Therm 1165TST440 uses a down draft style coil/burner assembly that is more efficient than top fed coils found on most other hot water pressure washers. It exceeds European standards for emission and features multiple redundant safety features to include optical flame monitoring system. Accessories include a professional gun-jet lance gauge safety coupler screw connections a fan nozzle for high pre

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