• Dirt Killer 9800054-s H3612 Hot Water 3500 PSI 4.2 GPM 13 HP Gear-Drive Honda Pressure Washer

Dirt Killer 9800054-s H3612 Hot Water 3500 PSI 4.2 GPM 13 HP Gear-Drive Honda Pressure Washer

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Brand Dirt Killer

The H3612 hot water gas pressure washer producing 3500 PSI at 4.2 GPM is for industrial and commercial use; perfect for the professional who cleans construction sites buildings vehicles or heavy equipment; powers a large flat surface cleaner; does graffiti or gum removal; engages in contract cleaning or washes down farm machinery. There scores of gas powered hot water pressure washers to choose from but the H3612 is unique amongst in a several ways. 1) It features the unique Kranzle pump that can run dry and bypass better than its rivals as proven in independent laboratory tests and self primes. 2) It uses an electric-start 13 HP Honda LXE gear-drive engine that has reduces wear and tear on the pump by 50% while increasing torque and cleaning power. The electric start makes starting this powerful pressure washer as easy as turning a key. 3) This hot water pressure washer uses a the electricity from a 12 volt battery and the engine rectifier to run the burner motor allowing you to generate hot water without plugging into a receptacle. 4) The four-wheel steel frame will hold up to heavy use. The H3612 comes all the accessories you need to clean to include: professional gun-jet lance 50' wire braided hose with quick coupler connections exit side chemical injection gauge four flat tip nozzle set (0 degree 15 degree 40 degree soap). With a cleaning power rating of 14700 cleaning units the H3612 hot water gas pressure washer provides a tremendous amount of cleaning power for the toughest outdoor cleaning tasks.

  • Advanced Kranzle pump design gives multi-hour bypass and run-dry capability preventing accidental pump damage
  • Portable hot water capability is provided by reliable 12V burner system
  • Adjustable Kranzle forged brass unloader
  • Steel frame and stainless steel coil wrap with pneumatic tire
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