• A-iPower APW2700 2700 PSI High Pressure Washer

A-iPower APW2700 2700 PSI High Pressure Washer

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Brand A-iPower

A-iPower APW2700 pressure washer blasted it. With the A-iPower Pressure Washer you can always ensure your home and driveway will always be clean from that layer of dirt and grime. The A-iPower APW2700 is built to handle even your toughest jobs. Powered by a reliable OHV 196cc gasoline engine that feeds into an Axial Cam Pump it delivers 2700 PSI of High Pressure cleaning power at 2.3 gallon per minute of High Flow. It is simple to use and perfect for cleaning driveways sidewalks gutters stucco roofing walls patios cars RVs and other area around your house. It features a durable compact frame design and built-in never-flat wheels which are designed for easy transport. With the 25 Feet non-marring long-reach high pressure hose it provides flexible access to even roughest range. With its quick connect spray wands and nozzles with ergonomic grip handle the A-iPower APW2700 pressure washer always allows you to operate efficiently and effortlessly. For added convenience the pressure washer with an on-board accessory storage and 3 quick connect nozzles for your versatile cleaning. The 0 nozzle is designed for blasting tough mud and rust. The 25 nozzle is designed for general cleaning of roofs driveways and light stains. The soap nozzle is designed for those extra dirt jobs and you can drop the built-in detergent siphoning tube into your detergent reservoir and attach the soap nozzle and every job will be ready to go. To choose the right pressure washer there are 2 important ratings to understand. PSI. Pounds Per Square Inch measures the pressure of water created through the pressure washer which helps you determine how powerful the water stream will be to penetrate the dirt and grime. GPM. Gallons Per Minute measures the water flow delivered through the pressure washer which helps you

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